Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a (very) short story

even after months(years?)
of being unable(willing?)
to write
he still writes about her

and three days ago
he wanted to sit
at a bookstore 
and just read
in silence next to someone
and he thought of her

and two days ago
he dreamed of cake

and today
he wrote in old code
cause even still
he had to say things
without saying things

a (very) short story

he doesn't come across them
very often anymore
yet every time he does
he can see it

his jaws
quietly clenched
in every single picture
she ever took of him

and sometimes he wonders
how things would be now
if just one time
he had been able to relax
and smile for her

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

lyrics that are about me but aren't actually about me:

"been failing for years and call yourselves vets / that's bold / motherfucker you're not a vet / you're just old"
- El-P in "We're Famous" by Aesop Rock, from the album Bazooka Tooth