Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i am very much looking forward writing this song. i just need the right beat. i've already had one million ideas. it can go anywhere. it's gonna be great. trust me.

gimme gimme
knuckles splitting
open skin

gimme gimme
blood runs warm

iris in

gimme gimme
as more than
a daydream

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"give me a lever and a place to stand, i'll move the world":

now i have the place to stand.
i think i have the lever.
let' move.

i just got back from hanging out at the new house.
i am so happy.

it's finally official. jr. swiss and i got the keys during our lunch break. i've seen my future room. everything is being mentally put into place. i can build my new home. i can finally stop feeling like i'm treading and waiting for some sort of turning point. this is it. i will make sure it's so.

i'll turn everything myself if i have to.


this is exactly what i needed after what felt like a really mediocre show.

bed shopping tomorrow!
moving lots of heavy boxes of things!

here's an awesome song for you to listen to!:

astronautalis - dimitri mendeleev

buy this album. it's probably the best of the year so far.
"won't be held back, won't be tied up, won't be pinned down"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"i wasn't cursed with a dark side, i was just normal." (some random things):

this song is fantastic. i was gonna post quotes but i would have ended up posting almost all of the song.

scroobius pip - broken promise

sometimes i feel like i have so very much to say. but i don't want to say it for whatever reason (and they are probably numerous and varying). and i feel a little ridiculous that these are the things that occupy my mind so easily. mostly in the quiet moments. when i am most likely to write in my head.

chance played me a new beat he's been working on and it made my insides jump. like the moment you realize you have a crush and the person just walked into the room and you're seeing everything about them in one glance. or at least what you want to be everything about them. i like when that happens. i wanna make babies with this beat. or just a good song.

by this time next week i will be in my new home. i think this could help lead to great things.

i'll also be spending a lot of money on a new bed and bed things probably. any suggestions for sheets, mattresses, whatever?

some of you friends of mine say that the only rap you like is mine (hi, maddison. haha). these same people (and others) ask for mixes of good stuff, which i am too lazy to make. i'm gonna try and make some short ones on 8track at some point. for now, check out the following albums that i have been listening to a lot lately. this is just stuff that's come out this year. ready, set, spotify!

sims - bad time zoo
scroobius pip - distraction pieces
astronautalis - this is our science
grieves - together/apart
prof - king gampo (this is probably the least likely to appeal. it's much more braggy, obnoxious, vulgar, "dumb" than the others. but i kind of love it for whatever reason. and there are a couple absolute gems on it. i think the swagger of it is something that just fits really well for me lately.)

i'll probably make an 8track playlist with stuff from those by the end of the weekend.

it's a shame people chase swag. they should chase swagger. off by a syllable. swagger of a revolutionary.

come to my show on friday. it's at muse. i'm gonna rap. and, hopefully, i will let out everything that is inside of me and share it with you.

"turns out hell does have a bottom. and heaven a ceiling."

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

as yet untitled:

i guess i've really been slacking on the lyric posting. sorry.

i don't feel like taking the time to do what i wanted to do when posting orion's reboot so i'll post the lyrics for as yet untitled instead.

from the city of big shoulders to city of salt
pushing thick boulders, plan to revolt
sisyphus quits. from stan to gestalt
been biding my time, keep that sand in a vault
rush. grain's free, dust slide avalance
stand tall to happenstance, cross armed, battle stance
or get swept up and drown in the gravel ash
no. just let go of the damages
breathe. make that chest heave
and never let 'em tell you who's next to bleed
i make my own cuts. get myself sewn up
through all the travails exhale so cold crush
let 'em gold rush, i'll just sit still
make my shambles look so fishscale
callin' out for that king james help
sometimes you've just got to sing for self
don't get caught in that what can i do for ya?
end up on some skip to my lucifer
watching fate as it sets those pyres
but i'm gonna set myself on fire

from the midwest to the wester midwest
take this distress and push it out my thin chest
this is the precipice on which we stand
the border between clarity and going mad
this wire on which we tightrope boogaloo
all these looks askew, i already took a few
hangin' from a string for all these years
string strong enough to outlast wrench in gears
another one of those test them years
write it up, send it off, pray that the check clears
head in sand or run from the land?
maybe stand tall like sun in his hand
high noon, time to supply the demand
stop glancing at demons start firing at them
let death in, i'm sure she'll know me
recognize me by the grudges i'm holding

from the great plains to the happy valley
dodging bullets in this shooter's gall'ry
might consider this the throwing of a bone
i'm prone to say it's the disowning of a throne
take your notes, put 'em in your tomes
but let it be known we're never sovereign or rome
crown off. melt to gristle and gold
and bury it deep under thistle and cold
grip your wit like a pistol to hold
step back. be missed from the fold
new tribe, new eyes, new stride
make new mistakes let the old ones retire
strike that match, light the rag, here, catch
bridges or towers they all catch wreck
soot faced, all in a day's trouble
fingers bent back, make life say uncle

Saturday, September 03, 2011

i'm glad to have my old ipod back.

p.o.s - p.o.s. is ruining my life

if you calm down and just breathe and just breathe in and out you'll feel a whole lot better close your eyes disappear if you can't see them then they can't see you right close your eyes