Wednesday, August 24, 2011

since i promised a friend i would post them, the following posts shall be the lyrics to the new songs i did at the last show.

let's start with proof of concept.

you can listen to the song and download it (for free!), if you'd like.
Proof of Concept feat. Chance Lewis by i_am_apt

chance lewis does a little verse on the song. he definitely brings it.

nothing deep on this one. just some rapping for rapping's sake, i guess.

lets consider this a little proof of concept
some toothless nonsense to uproot your conscience
a useless tonic sold with futile promise
so take a little sip and let it sooth your monsters
was that best kept secret, now this cat's out the bag
on that next step sweetness. they peddlin' swag
keep that chest left beatin', they lettin' it drag
so tell these devilish wags to keep their medals, congrats
ain't this the craziest thing you've ever seen
awkward kid in button-up ripping it clean
i mean like meat off the bones, completes beats with his tones
defeats weak kneed clones with such diligent means
he's killin' em sweet with the smallest strings ever played
gonna set it straight from now until the better days
so on your mark, get set, push in that peddle race
and let me demonstrate how it is that i can sever face
your coda's a waste, you feel sorta disgraced
it's time to quit ace, just fold up the base
people wantin' punchlines all over the place
well then consider these lines like a punch to your face

chance lewis:
obviously evident 100 block president
hesitant to be a resident who experiments with medicine
slept on like sedatives. let it be said again
if rap is the subject, apt is the predicate.
communicate in treble clefs. speakin' my language
not sayin' i'm a tastemaker but muse kinda did name a sandwich after me
so i have to keep rappin'
i'll pow your ass in caps like alex or a batman caption
kill you with kindness, expose closed-mindedness
didn't they tell you i'm an antisocial scientist
got john white and alred to play a show, cure color blindness
let's cut the crap like landlines, let's blur this genre line mess

not saying i'm number one.. ha! sorry, i lied
i'm number one through like one million seven hundred five
maybe severed inside but i'm settled in the vibe
the left of center measure people beggin' to ride
can't stop, won't stop. no it's not a name drop
it's modus operandi from now until i take top
of the mountain talking head of the piled on
i'm clownin' the crowned while i'm bustin' through pylons
your mind's wrong if you think you're stepping to my songs
trying to come up, i'm telling you time's wrong
from gutterpunks to soccer moms to preppies rockin' izod
apt, you can find me in the a's of their ipods

bonus points if you can identify the references to two of my favorite rappers in my second verse. not that it's all that hard.

extra bonus points if you can tell which line is my favorite one in the song. one of those lines that just all the sudden pops into your head out of nowhere and fits perfectly, meaning-wise, cadence-wise and everything.

super extra bonus points if you can tell me what that line is in apt is the new nervous.

i should not, these bonus points are most likely worthless.

i think the lyrics for orion's reboot shall be tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

so many posts i've been meaning to put up but i never get around to.
instead i post this.
maybe later this week i can get them up.

i know you're just dying with anticipation.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

this sucks.
everything else is okay.
but this one thing
pretty much sucks.