Monday, June 30, 2008

i have bad timing. always. maybe that's not the right way to put it.
it all boils down to how i play mario bros. it says a lot about how one lives.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a theory:

kanye < lupe < wale < whoever the next wity/slightly underground (at least at first)/neo-tribe called quest/ pop-ish rapper i find (mickey factz, perhaps?)

wanna set a record (by which i mean be a small part of perhaps setting a kinda lame guinness world record)?

Download Day

plus, firefox is a nice browser.

p.s. you have til like 11 am pdt to count.

Monday, June 09, 2008

throw off your cool:

it's all the same conversation. about the same thing. different topics. but the same thing.
hipsters, hopsters, back-packers, nerd rappers, scenesters, fashionistas, glitteratti, home bodies, anarchists, communists, punks, drunks, gangstas in dunks, white-line riders, minimum wage providers, ravers, new-agers, poseurs, poets, pundits, politicians and cantankerous old men watching from the stoop.
baby, throw off your cool.
but, here we are.
different shades of the same color.
but truly, indistinguishable.
living life to the half fullest,
waiting for God or the Devil
to sip down the last of the drink.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

how exceedingly annoying:

my ipod's headphone jack is broken. too loose. now i can only hear things in my left ear. and i can't find any good fixes besides opening it up and replacing it, which i don't want to do. i guess that's what i get for using it while running around and playing frisbee.

maybe i'll use my stimulus check to buy a new one. because, sadly, i am incapable of living without one.

i'm staying in my room the rest of the night.


then it stopped going to either ear.... then it stopped working.
the world doesn't like me.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

i just want it to be known that the new header up there is temporary. meaning, eventually when i am bored and fell so inspired i shall make a better one. i realize it looks crappy. but i wanted something different from the generic one i had before.

family reunion report:

this is a picture of me and my grandfather. he's easily one of my top five favorite people in the world.

later i will put stuff about the family reunion i went to last weekend (including a list of music listened to on the drive and other random facts) but right now my head hurts.

cool things from the internets:

by ron english and upper playground

sad trombone
surprisingly amusing. with real staying power.

so, i don't know why, but phrases pop into my head. often. they are pretty much useless. usually i try to extrapolate them out into a couple of lines of lyrics that will get jammed with other couple lines of lyrics extrapolated from other phrases that try to turn into songs that are never recorded or performed. today this popped into my head:

time to live life to the half fullest

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

wrote this at work. cause i'm cool like that.

same as it ever was
you woke up hoping today would end up
the same as it never was
some days the status quo is simply maddening
even when its not something bad that keeps happening
someone throw a wrench into those gears
cause i feel like i haven't seen a change-up in years

if i ever get around to it, this blog is gonna be a little different.
not just a bunch of junior high diary drama type poetry.
brand shift.

p.s. wale is the truth.