Wednesday, February 18, 2009

two sides of a fragment coin:

change that boom bap to a click-clack boom blam
about two inches away from this fools glance
double barrel blast cannon, make sure it's syncopated
wanna go out to a beat shot that could end a nation
let a ringing fill the ears and not this dearth of mirth
fireworks created with the last red on earth

rest in pieces
rest in pieces
rest in featureless, feeblest, needed less pieces
rest in pieces
rest in pieces
rest the sleep of the white flag waving defeated

and let it rain again.

it's either the quiet or the loud moments
the middle ground between is the space where scholars find hope is
hidden under the everyday mumble haze of the out of focus
that's where the secret peace is called out by the locusts

Monday, February 16, 2009

28 days later

the skies opened up without a message as to why
it may not flood the world but my portions not dry
caught unawares by the force of the sky
the droughts of a decade erased as a reply
rainy day after rainy day, drops that smolder
the weight has finally crushed atlas' shoulders
so drop it. free fall all the boulders
and wait for the wings of isis to enfold us
after twenty eight days of claiming not quite bad
now is the time for waving that white flag
you can't scream phoenix when the drops have you gagged
so stop treading water and swallow the last
let the drops hit, let the rain come
let it soak to bone and make creeping veins numb
give in to master melancholy motives
drop the kick and end the opus