Monday, April 25, 2011

i think this is kinda cheating.
but it's my thing.
i can make my own rules.
plus no one likes loose threads.

here's the song i was talking about. like i said, one of his more popular songs, as far as i know. it's great though. maybe weird in this context and timing. haha.

and here it is in that movie i was talking about. it's the end of the movie, so, um, spoiler alert, i guess. haha. somehow it's not as powerful out of context. or maybe i just remembered it being more powerful. such a good song though.

i tried to locate that awesome kid drawing that i found. i looked for one half of one hour and could not find it. i'm not sure where it is. i will be really sad if i lost it forever.

but i did find what was my very first favorite book. and the first book i ever did a book report on. in kindergarten. maybe first grade. i can't recall.

i'll show it to you some time.
i promise.

this is hard.

head up.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the event:

ending saturday night semi-early, eating a third of a slice of key lime pie in bed, all alone in this big house.

the lesson:

don't let it go to your head. don't let yourself trick yourself. always keep your eye on your actual position. and, if you can, gently push that line along a little bit. only a little bit.

Friday, April 15, 2011

as long as i can hit my notes:

been listening to this over and over.

atmosphere - my notes

don't worry, everyone. all in all, i'm pretty okay.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

deep end:

fist fighting demons again, knuckles raw, bleeding skin /
until the season's end i'm stuck in brawl, make these heathens dead /
the struggle, more/less, is so fatal and gorgeous /
rip off the horns and nail that halo right on your forehead /
my face is covered in blood, sweat and spit /
i'm gonna let em mix until you can't even tell which is which /
my face a crimson disc, my raw nerves are fairly severed /
i guess it's nothing long steps can't temporarily temper /
out the door, right foot's the kick, left foot's the snare /
i'm shook and scared, i'm pushed to rare, i'm gonna hoof it there on these crooked stairs /
find that timeless, isolated, island /
close my eyelids, hold my breath and listen to the silence /

please come to my show on saturday. please come to see the other people too.