Tuesday, May 23, 2006

well, alright, fine. i'll wave that white flag. now's a good time to let the fight lag. we had some good times, but those are at an end. it kind of fizzled out and crapped when the dice land. ladies and gentlemen, please, clear the tables. tip your waitress. and go start some fables. knights, mount your horses, it's time to wipe the boards clean. i took some pawns, you scored bishops and queens. let's call it a stale mate, i like them apples. i'm tired of watching history topple the castles. i could never get a leg up over the saddle. neither can i topple the king and hear the death rattles. arrested development doesn't stop your getting older. the beard grows thicker every time you let it molder. so bend the knees, keep pushing on that boulder. wishing you had atlas's shoulders.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


the first drop. it was a mistake. ruined it all. a black spot on the parched field. an imperfection given breathe and let loose. all potential lost. it's all been blown now.


this is something. but everything is something. and something is nothing. a skill set mastered from jester to pastor. from tester to master. it's a festering disaster.


who can't scream into the void? even the mute can dispute. dilute it, drink it, shoot it, shrink it, spray it, spit it, eat it, shit it, pump it, dump it, grab it, nab it, smear it, throw it, hear it, but know it.
i say war. tip over the bottle. and bite your thumb, never your tongue.


first impressions lead to second guessing.
and as far as introductions go, i've heard better.
but it's four in the morning
and i just want to get started
because i can't see a horizon
and i no longer need the sun.