Monday, September 29, 2008

murs for president (and other random things):

"early to rise and the last to fall / the best thing for black youth since the basketball"
for some reason i really love this cover. it's also quite a good album. murs is probably one of the most under appreciated emcees around. including by me. but he's a great every man type of rapper.

i get to read articles about the economic disaster going on at work quite a bit. i keep feeling like i need to start improving my apocalypse time skills. like growing my own food, fighting off law-less mobs of desperate people, etc.

sego festival was this last weekend. it was really good. i like it here in provo. so, stop telling me to move people. that day will come when it comes.

there's a chance i might actually work on some music with other people soon. it all seems to be moving in that direction. which is good, cause if i had to do it all myself it would never happen. as can be seen by the last however many years. maybe getting something done with others will improve my confidence and help me work by myself too. i dunno.

fondue is where its at. know that.

i need to work on not being shy. lately i've been hanging out with people that i never really talked to before. like, i knew them or at least of them but never talked cause i felt like i wasn't really on their radar or whatever. but now we talk and i feel good about it. just that i've been able to socialize and not feel like a dork too much. even without paxil.

i hate auto tune. not necessarily as a means of slightly correcting singing (though you really should just keep recording til you sing it right). but definitely as a conscious, use-it-like-an-instrument sort or way. like, wow, it makes this singing sound like a kind of drunk robot! what happened? vocoder's just not quite cool enough. give it a rest rap/r&b people. i preferred sped up soul samples.

that's all the ranting i've got right now.

book on tapeworm at sego via my crappy cell phone camera

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i surrender
all that i am i have been
all i have been has been a long time coming
i am becoming all that i am
through meditation i program my heart to beat break-beats and hum bass lines on exhalation

saul williams will always be on of my favorite poets/emcees/musicians/philosophers/teachers

on the personal update side of things... time goes on and life walks along with it. summer burns and then turns into fall. things happen and nothing happens all at the same time. wake, work, waste, insomnia, sleep, wake, etc. it kinda feels like something needs to give. but things are not bad. i just need to become more. and release.

how's that for vague?