Wednesday, November 12, 2008


gimme some mirrors to smash while i walk under ladders
i feel like tempting fate cause so far she's been a bastard
obliterate reflections, erase the self-same patterns
into a million pieces the old futures shatter
watch as splattered across the pavement
every reflective surface is left fractioned and faceless
so much destruction, it's anything but tasteless
now pick up a brick and build up what fate missed

Monday, November 10, 2008

more useless unfinished lyrics:

but how long can synapses hold the weight for collapses
when it becomes standard traffic to play the role of tragic
when yours habits and practice are to accept the black magic
hidden under the hatches and your mind's soft patches
you never bothered to ration the decisions never second guessed
turning circle upon circle, never made it to the lesson next
the edge of ven diagrams seems to be your best of bets
you've hampered yourself with a half-hearted s.o.s.