Monday, June 19, 2006

we are a pale people. so that our skin might be as close to translucent as possible. can you see our veins pulse with every pump of our hearts? can you decode the patterns? we wear our hearts under our sleeves. under our pockets. under our shoes. our skin glows with messages from the motherland in the rib cage. and the heart strains to break free.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the view finder showed her caught directly in the midde of the rectangle. he pushed the button. click. he held her prisoner in his basement, surrounded by boxes. a waiting reminder that, at some point, there were times better than this. he has a whole collection. kept in poses, facades, teeth exposed. "this is what you used to be like. this is how you used to feel. this is who you used to know. this is how you used to be." things were always before until now. all excuses he's herard before. occassionaly, he likes to look through his prisoners and relearn their histories. they smile back, always on their best behavior. "oh, what could have been," he thinks. "what they had... they never recognize." he puts her back into her cell. right next to the others. maybe soon he'll capture another. for now it's back upstairs. back to the grind. back to the blue-ish glows and dead eyes of everyday life. it's no use re-membering the past. one... two... three... *flash*

Monday, June 05, 2006

i love the feeling of a sleeping pill taking effect /
sometimes i miss the days of the tape deck /

i wonder where this will go.