Friday, October 21, 2011

i really preferred worrying about / stressing over the things i was worrying about / stressing over a week or so ago over the things i am this week.

who knew i would miss that?

gimme gimme resolution.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

i really hope it's just my brain being paranoid and over-reacting.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


the season by prof

i ain't fuck around no more, this is my life
fuck nice, i've already tried being polite
so i'ma grab a whip, grab a gun, grab a knife
and i'ma roll around and stick up everything in sight

everybody throw your hands in the sky
if you're ready to rob then i'm ready to ride

*by mantra i of course mean the way i wish i could think and feel but which i pretty much can't cause i'm too stuck in my timid ways. something to strive towards i guess.

you can download the whole album king gampo for free here.

so let 'em come and let 'em go / we'll let 'em know that we grow from our loses:

sage's second verse on this. whoa.
i want to write songs this good.

Let Em Come REDUX (Scroobius Pip, Sage Francis, Metermaids, Cecil Otter) by Strange Famous Records

it's suspect, suss this out
set off my spider sense and i fumigate the house
remember that spot, your old haunt
where you caught wonderlust when your lust wandered and you got caught
i fought for your honor and i lost
my friends said i bet on the wrong horse
i got a gambling habit that i just can't quit
your therapist wants to help you understand
what a guy. what a lie. what am i? chopped liver?
serve me up raw at your pot-luck dinner
watch your physical size materialize
a lost soul with no spiritual guide
you got a home with an energy that i don't trust
enter the living room and light bulbs bust
white bulb dust from the banister, i'm an amateur
ghost buster holding an empty canister
i managed my way through your labyrinth
discovered a dungeon full of captives
your tongue is a cactus, could dry mouth a desert
breathing in all that hot air made my chest hurt
desperate flirt, your words are tumbleweeds
you network with grave robbers, my plot's under siege
but it's been so long since i've seen the saw
and i'ma greet it with the warmest of welcomes

Thursday, October 06, 2011

a song for my friends who are gone, one way or another

song: lift the curse by astronautalis
image: liu bolin

Saturday, October 01, 2011

errol flynn:

when i look in the mirror and see this ridiculousness staring back

i will think to myself, "why do you let yourself look so foolish?"

and there are two answers that immediately pop into mind.

the first one is the first line of this song (not the "i'm sorry i took so long" part).

which kinda naturally transitions into the second answer.

why not?