Saturday, November 22, 2014


"He makes notes in his pad about the lunch he has just had, the scraps of conversation he is already forgetting, the deviousness of his bet friend, the significances of this and this, the symbolism of that and the other. It is all a sort of horrible betrayal of himself, of his whole life. Life is not just symbol, Jewish or goyish. Life is more than just a Chinese puzzle. Not everything fits. Not every road leads to epiphany. This isn't TV, Alex, this isn't TV. 

Oh, so now, thinks Alex, you're having an epiphany about the importance of not having epiphanies. That's great. 

Feeling glum and muddled, Alex begins walking at a clip, wishing he could get over himself, get out of himself, get out of his skin, just for a minute."

The Autograph Man
by Zadie Smith
page 151, middle of first paragraph
hardcover first U.S. edition published by Random House, 2002


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