Thursday, July 15, 2010

good or bad, who can ever tell from so close up?:

there was a meeting at work which has quite possibly made my job worse. or perhaps it will just make it challenging again. and un-tedious. like i wanted it to be. i can't tell.

lately i keep getting the thought that i need to completely destroy my life as i currently know it. crash down all my comforts and habits and patterns. lay waste to it all. and then start all over again.

the problem being that i do not have anywhere near the nerve required to start. much less pull it off.

sometimes i wonder what would happen if i were ever able to completely loose my tongue. but then i also feel that there's a reason for it's agoraphobia. or maybe purpose is a better word.

i've noticed that i have had my hair up all day long, every day for at least the last week. i wonder if that means it is time to cut my hair. and beard. and pretend harder that i am a grownup.

i have other, much more interesting blog posts that i have been meaning to put up. but i feel like they require more time and attention than i have had lately (had is probably not the right word. that i have been willing to give would be more accurage). so, instead, here's a song by pylon. i've been listening to them a lot the last few days. so nice. consider it a preview to a possible (though not guaranteed) ddvm b-sides mix.

pylon - beep


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do it! just to know you did something that threw out every sense of reality as you are familiar it.

Doesn't have to be everything though. Move to a new house. Look for a different job. Go for a trip somewhere alone, where you know absolutely no one.

Lets talk about this sometime. Best/hardest thing I ever did.


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